Runway 16-34 and Taxiway D Rehabilitation

La Grande/Union County Airport La Grande, Oregon

The La Grande/Union County Airport has two offset runways, one running north and south and the other from a northwest to a southeast direction. In 2012, Precision Approach Engineering handled the design, engineering, and construction for a project where Runway 12-30 was shifted southeast to better meet intersecting runway minimum standards better and in an effort to decouple the two runway safety areas. This project would rehabilitate the aging 16-34 runway and provide the opportunity to shift it 488 feet to the south to finish the process of decoupling the Runway Safety Areas.

Not only will this project include the design, engineering and construction for the rehabilitation and shifting of Runway 16-34, this project will also rehabilitate 2500 feet of Taxiway, while constructing 2 new Taxiway connectors.  Substantial electrical improvements are required, including installing new Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (MIRL), installing new Taxiway edge lights, and new Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and new constant current regulator and associated electrical building improvements.

PAE coordinated and completed all required NEPA environmental, geotechnical work, design survey, and engineering predesign work. The construction bid was awarded in April 2020, and construction began in September 2020 with estimated construction completion scheduled for mid-2021.