Apron Rehabilitation, Taxiway Realignment, and Tie-down Relocation

Chehalis/Centralia Airport, Centralia, Washington

The Chehalis-Centralia Airport is situated on the floodplain of the Chehalis River. However, a dike intended to contain floodwater is located along the north and west boundaries. The existing apron storm drainage system includes a network of concrete pipe and catch basins. The existing pipe and catch basins will be replaced in areas of rehabilitation. Drainage conveyance will continue to follow existing routing.

Portions of the terminal apron pavement showed distress, partly due to poor drainage. Precision Approach Engineering rehabilitated those portions of the apron using: pavement grinding, crack sealing, an asphalt pavement overlay, and new pavement markings. Added capacity, as well as operational safety and efficiency, was gained by our design reconfiguration of the apron tie-down layout.

The project involved taxiway realignment, which will improve overall airport safety by realigning taxiway entrances at each end of the runway to intersect Runway 16-34 at 90˚. Other work items include existing storm sewer system replacement, pavement underdrain installation, remarking Runway 16-34, and relocating the Airport-owned Runway 16 REIL.