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Construction Services is one of the most important elements of construction and contract administration. Good engineering design and properly prepared plans and specifications are essential for a quality product. However, ensuring that specifications and drawings are adhered to depends largely on the staff monitoring the project. This is especially true of larger, more complex projects which involve field-made products with quality dependent on the use of satisfactory materials and workmanship.

Our field staff possesses the necessary training and combination of technical knowledge, experience, and education, providing value to each project. Each member of our field staff plays an integral role in the project by being involved from pre-design through closeout. PAE’s field staff administer vital functions toward the successful completion of construction projects.

Construction-related activities we provide include:

  • Monitoring construction practices and schedules
  • Verifying compliance with plans and specifications
  • Project documentation
  • Pavement management
  • Environmental protection
  • Ensuring work zone safety for both the workers and the public
  • Reports and record-keeping
  • Deficiency identification
  • Punchlist development and inspection
  • Materials testing