Runway 13-31 Rehabilitation and Improvements

Astoria Regional Airport, Port of Astoria, OR

Precision Approach Engineering has provided the Port of Astoria with Airport Engineering services since 2009. Runway 13-31 was built in the 1940 era and has been rehabilitated at least one time in the 1980s. Astoria Regional Airport lies adjacent to Youngs Bay and is protected from tidal influences by a perimeter dike. The majority of the airport was built on dredge sand in the 1940s, and the drainage system has seen minimal improvements since. Because the terrain is at or near sea level and the current system is aging, site drainage is a challenge.

As a result of the Predesign Study, the project’s primary focus is to rehabilitate Runway 13-31 and upgrade the current runway safety area (RSA) to meet FAA design criteria. Precision Approach Engineering helped the Port secure FAA, ConnectOregon, and local funds to complete this project. From grant management to project closeout, here are some of the Major work elements that were involved:

Asphalt pavement overlay of Runway 13-31; reconstruction of connecting taxiways; removal of portions of existing storm drain systems and construction of new systems; pavement edge drains; pavement marking; and other miscellaneous work.