Apron and Taxilane Construction in Support of Hangar Development

Skagit Regional Airport, Port of Skagit, Washington

The Skagit Regional Airport is owned and operated by the Port of Skagit and is situated several miles west of Burlington, WA. The airport has two paved runways and an extensive taxiway system that provides access to all developed areas of the airfield.

The Apron and Taxilane Construction project at Skagit Regional Airport includes reconstruction and expansion of the existing main apron. The improvements will increase aircraft parking capacity to accommodate growth in airport operations. The design of the apron expansion and associated taxilanes is intended to optimize aircraft movement and parking configuration.

The project requires approximately 25,000 cubic yards of excavation, 55,000 cubic yards of aggregate placement, and 8,000 tons of asphalt. Additionally, drainage improvements, electrical improvements, grading, seeding, and pavement marking are included in the final work elements.