Tie-Down Relocation, Runway and Taxiway Marking, and Airport Electrical Upgrade

Friday Harbor Airport, Port of Friday Harbor, WA

This project replaced critical runway electrical infrastructure, including runway end identifier lights (REIL), runway edge lights (MIRL), and precision approach path indicators (PAPI) that had reached the end of their useful life and were beginning to fail. LED MIRL lights were selected for installation to reduce energy costs and staff time for maintenance. Also included was the replacement of a failed helipad lighting system with new LED lighting and helipad remarking.

This project also included aircraft tie-down and taxiway centerline marking reconfiguration required to meet Object Free Area compatibility for parked aircraft. The final work element consisted of drainage improvements, grading, and seeding of approximately six acres south of the runway, to include areas within the Runway Object Free Area, to reduce the presence of wildlife hazard attractants and improve maintenance access.