Fuel System

Prineville-Crook County Airport, Prineville, Oregon

The Prineville-Crook County Airport is located in central Oregon and with over 100 based aircraft and greater than 10,000 aircraft operations a year, Prineville Airport is a robust general aviation airport. Their underground fuel storage tank system was at the end of its useful life and had the potential for higher maintenance costs and greater environmental risks.

Precision Approach Engineering was hired to design, engineer and construct a new Above Ground Storage Tank aircraft fueling system. The new system consists of a 15,000 gallon Jet-A tank and a 12,000 gallon 100 Low Lead (Avgas) tank. Additionally, a new automated tank gauging system and a QTPod M4000 Fuel Management System would also be installed. The improvements also included installing power and communication infrastructure to the new site, storm system improvements, and apron paving to support aircraft and fuel truck access.

Once the new above-ground fueling system was completed, this project also included the removal of the existing underground fuel tanks in conformance with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Standards. This encompassed the required permitting, soil testing for contamination during the removal operation, and backfill of the area previously occupied by the UST’s.