Crescent Lake State Airport, Oregon

Crescent Lake Airport, Oregon Department of Aviation

Crescent Lake State Airport is strategically located in the heart of the Cascade Mountain Range. Not only does this airport provide access to the many people who come to the area for recreation, but this airport also serves as a primary location for basing firefighting helicopters and search and rescue operations.  This runway was over 50 years old and subject to the harsh freeze/thaw cycle of the area. The old runway was built without any underdrains, which caused debris to flow across the runway and undermine the sub-base beneath.

This project provided for the runway pavement rehabilitation and drainage improvements. The runway was widened from 30 feet to 40 feet, with existing pavement pulverized and compacted, and additional aggregate and pavement placed to build the new pavement section.

An additive bid schedule was included for a pavement overlay to the apron area, with new aircraft tie-downs installed as part of the apron rehabilitation. Tree clearing was also included in this project to remove obstructions to aircraft operations.