Main Apron Improvements

Main Apron Improvements, Astoria Regional Airport – Astoria, Oregon

The terminal apron was originally constructed in 1944 with approximately 6-inches of cement concrete on top of 13 to 36 inches of sandy gravel fill.

The apron has not received any major rehabilitation since the original construction.

This project rehabilitated a portion of the existing concrete apron, including concrete removal, full depth pavement asphalt construction, and drainage improvements.  The portion of apron pavement has started settling, creating steep grades and abrupt grade breaks, which are a hazard to aircraft operations.  Rehabilitation of this area of the apron removed the potential hazard to aircraft as well as extend the useful life of the apron.

The improvement is to be part of multi-phase project overtime to rehabilitate the entire apron.  This first phase included the severe area of distressed pavement located on the north side of the bar pilots building.  The timing of additional phases that would rehabilitate the remaining portion of the main apron is unknown.