Fence Improvements

Tillamook Airport, Tillamook, Oregon

Tillamook Airport is located 3 miles south of the City of Tillamook and was home to a Naval Blimp Patrol Station during World War II.  The Tillamook Airport, situated in the Tillamook Bay farming region and at the western base of the coast range mountains, make it a prime location for deer and elk grazing and thereby causing a potential wildlife hazard for landing and departing aircraft.  Through a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration, this project was able to enclose the last remaining open section of the airport perimeter fence.

The AIP eligible work included existing fence removal, 7-foot chain-link fence installation, and the installation of both manual and automated vehicle gates. By enclosing the airport through this fence improvement, it will not only provide protection from wildlife, but also increased the level of airport security from pedestrians intentionally or unintentionally coming onto the airport property. All fencing alignments remained within the limits of the Port of Tillamook Bay airport property.