Apron Access Road

Corvallis Municipal Airport, Corvallis, Oregon

The Corvallis Municipal Airport site was originally built during World War II by the United States Army Air Forces for bomber training as Corvallis Army Airfield. The original hangar is still in use today.

The Apron Access Road project consisted of a new vehicle access road connecting to the main airport access road. This road provides access to existing industrial and aviation-related businesses and the main parking apron for the Airport. The new road allows safer vehicle access to businesses and the cargo area by providing separate access and eliminating the need for vehicle traffic across the active aircraft apron.

Air-Cargo transport vehicles are able to access the apron and circumvent aviation activities. In addition, a portion of the apron space was reconfigured to accommodate the cargo exchange between aircraft and delivery vehicles, while maintaining a safe distance from other aircraft activity. This project included the necessary stormwater treatment and drainage system improvements, minor utility conduit installations, minor fencing adjustments, and a large culvert installation. The project also included new aircraft tie-down installations and remarking of the surrounding apron area to delineate the cargo-loading zone.