Runway 12-30 Rehabilitation and Line-of-Sight Adjustment

Columbia Gorge Regional Airport, Dallesport, WA

Runway 12-30 at Columbia Gorge Regional Airport required correction of line-of-sight deficiencies and an overlay of the 5,097 foot long by 100 foot wide runway. Given the scope of work and time considerations, the project was split into two construction bid packages. Early in the project it was directed that the runway be narrowed to 75 feet. Precision Approach Engineering, working with the FAA, examined the costs and impacts of narrowing the runway and was able to justify the runway remaining at 100 feet wide.

A preliminary study found that the approach to correcting an existing line-of-sight issue on Runway 12‑30 also required completing the parallel taxiway system and correcting grades on the southeastern end of the runway. Funding limitations required for parallel taxiway construction to be included in future contracts. The grade adjustment on the south end was approximately 2.5 feet at the highest point. Blast pads were constructed to correct significant erosion and prevent any additional erosion as a result of jet blasts.

The construction was phased to complete the northern 3,400 feet of runway and blast pad during Phase 1 and correct the line-of-sight deficiency for the remaining southern portion of the runway. Realignment of the two connector taxiways and construction of the southern blast pad was completed during Phase 2.