Aviation Construction Services

The quality of our contract documents and the caliber of experienced staff have set us apart within the construction community. Contractors want to bid our projects because they know what is expected. Our expectations are high, but consistent and fair. We perform all of the construction services working side-by-side assisting the client’s staff.

Bidding Services

  • Conduct Pre-bid Meeting for Interested Contractors
  • Respond to Bid Questions
  • Assist in Evaluating Bids and Preparing an Abstract and Recommendation of the Bids
  • Preparation and Submittal of Project Grant to FAA

Construction Administration

  • Contract Administration
  • Assist With Correspondence And Contractor Coordination
  • Conduct A Preconstruction Conference
  • Coordinate With Utility Companies

Resident Observer Services

  • Oversee Construction Activities, Including Administration of the Construction Contract and CSPP
  • Correspondence with Construction Contractor(s)
  • Attend Meetings with the Airport Staff and Contractor to Coordinate the Project Schedule and Budget
  • Assist with Construction-Related Issues as Required and Construction Schedules, etc.
  • Review Materials Submittals; Comment and Approve as Appropriate
  • Project Records Management

Project Close-Out

  • Preparation of Punch List(s) and Certificates(s) of Substantial Completion
  • Provide Site Visits to Verify Completion of Punch List Items by Construction Contractor
  • Assist Airport Personnel with Final Inspection of Project with the Construction Contractor and FAA Representative
  • Provide Record Drawings
  • Update ALP Plan Set and Pavement Strength Survey
  • Provide Final Reports and Assist Sponsor with Project and Grant Closeout
  • DBE Reporting