Taxiway B and Taxiway C Realignment and Rehabilitation

Rogue Valley International – Medford, Oregon

To re-establish taxiway safety and object free area, Taxiway C was realigned to become perpendicular with Taxiway A. Additionally, Runway 9-27 was permanently closed and the new Taxiway B alignment was located in the same general location and along the same orientation as the existing runway. This project also improved Taxiway B, Taxiway B1, B2, and Taxiway B3.

The FAA Categorical Exclusion Checklist was completed with one wetland identified, flagged for protection, and avoided during construction.

The project impacted the critical USFS reloading apron and the north general aviation apron. Project phasing was critical to airport operations and satisfaction of critical users.  Extensive night work was scheduled to minimize impact to airport operations.  Precision Approach Engineering received a letter of gratitude and appreciation from RVI-M for outstanding work on this project.   Also noted was that the FAA tower chief thought it remarkable that the USFS was able to operate during one of the most active fire seasons given the high level of construction activity.