Taxiway and Runway Improvements 

Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, Pendleton, Oregon

Members of our team have worked with the City of Pendleton providing airport engineering and planning since 1974. Projects include a range of improvements that include airfield and apron pavement, master planning, ARFF and terminal building improvements, equipment purchase, fencing, lighting and signage, electrical equipment building, and grading and drainage enhancement.

Recent projects included Taxiway Enhanced Centerline Marking, completed in 2010, and Runway 7-25 Fog Seal in 2011. In evaluating the various seal coat products for Runway 7‑25, we were concerned that fine aggregates typically found in slurry seals and seal coats would fill the grooved surface of the runway with the effect of inhibiting proper drainage and reducing skid resistance. With the assistance of the FAA NWM Region, an approval for a deviation to FAA Standards was obtained. Skid resistance tests were performed on the runway to determine the proper application rate of the bituminous mixture and to evaluate the relative benefits of including fine aggregate in the approved blend.

Our most recent project included seal-coat rehabilitation on runway and taxiway pavements, extensive pavement marking improvements including installation of new thermoplastic surface painted holding position signs, and new asphalt overlay rehabilitation of additional taxiway pavements. Following the bidding and award of the project, the Owner, with FAA approval, wanted to evaluate the feasibility of de-commissioning Runway 16‑34 and converting it to a taxiway. We determined the project was feasible. The FAA agreed to the runway de‑commissioning/conversion work scope by Change Order, but required that proposed design changes be performed to complete the project within the amendable limits of the original grant. The project was completed within the grant amount and all of the original project objectives realized.