Runway 10-28 Crown Conversion

Skagit Regional Airport, Washington

The Skagit Regional Airport Runway 10-28 Crown Conversion project converted the transverse gradient for Skagit Regional Airport’s primary runway, Runway 10-28, from a shed to a crown section and also included adjustment of the east 1,500 feet of the Runway 28 longitudinal gradient to within 0.8 percent, compatible with Approach Category C and D aircraft. The longitudinal gradient adjustment required raising the end of the existing runway over five feet.

In addition to the crown conversion and longitudinal gradient adjustment work for Runway 10‑28, the runway designation was changed to Runway 11-29 resulting from magnetic declination change, which required modifications to associated marking and signage. Associated with the runway crown conversion connector taxiways were realigned and reconstructed, a Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (MIRL) system, signage, and visual approach aids were installed. Aeronautical survey and instrument approach redesign was completed to provide the necessary data to redesign the instrument approaches and departure procedures serving the airport.

Non-AIP Eligible Work was a component of this project requiring funding coordination with the Port of Skagit and the FAA to complete an additional 380-foot Runway 4-22 permanent threshold shift. Combining with an AIP approved shift, this resulted in a total shift of 680 feet.