Road Relocation, Runway 12-30 Shift and Rehabilitation

La Grande / Union County Airport, La Grande, Oregon

Our association with Union County and the La Grande / Union County Airport dates back to the 1970’s.  Members of our team have worked with the airport on projects of every nature from the initial planning stage through design, construction, and FAA project close-out.  An excellent example is the recent Runway 12-30 shift project.

The runway shift of 600 feet was designed and built to meet Airport Design Group C-IV design standards. This project has been under development for several years, with staff of Precision Approach Engineering involved in each required step, including property acquisition, environment assessment, road and slough realignment, cultural resource investigation, runway shift, and existing runway rehabilitation.

Considering the critical use of Runway 12-30 during the USFS Firefighting season, usually July through September, no closures of the runway were allowed during daylight hours.  Our project phasing provided for a construction schedule compatible with critical airport and USFS operations, resulting in no impact to USFS Firefighting.

The construction projects, spanning 4 years, involved realignment of Airport Lane and Gekeler Slough, the construction of new runway and parallel taxiway pavements, taxiway end connector, pavement underdrains, and the establishment of all corresponding safety areas standards necessary to meet Airport Design Group C-IV design standards.  Impacts of the runway shift required installation of a new Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (MIRL) system, relocation of the Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI’s), and pavement markings consistent with the new runway and taxiway configuration.  A drainage study of the entire airport was completed, with recommendations for immediate and future drainage improvements.  

The current phase of the project consists of the rehabilitation of the structural pavements of Runway 12-30 with longitudinal gradient corrections meeting FAA Approach Category C and Airport Design Group - III criteria.