FAA Part 139 Inspection Assistance

Newport Municipal Airport, Newport, Oregon

Prior to their most recent Part 139 Inspection, we worked with the City of Newport in preparation for their FAA inspection. Matt Cavanaugh’s former position as Manager of the FAA Airports Safety and Standards Branch, with responsibility for Part 139, gives him unique insight into the requirements of the regulation and various methods of compliance. Matt visited the Newport Airport to conduct a mock Part 139 inspection.

The approved Airport Certification Manual and training curriculum were reviewed, and airport recordkeeping checked for compliance. Matt then used the certification inspection check-list and noted items not in compliance with the regulations. This allowed the City of Newport to present their airport to the FAA certification inspector knowing the inspection would be successful.

Other projects completed for the Newport Municipal Airport include:

  • Rotating Beacon and Tower installation
  • Part 139 certification improvements including airport signage and pavement marking
  • Electrical equipment building improvements  

Signage and Marking Plan