East Terminal Apron Reconstruction

Grant County International Airport, Moses Lake, Washington

To return the East Terminal Apron to aircraft operations, reconstruction was required to correct apron pavement failure.

The Predesign Study prepared by Precision Approach Engineering in July 2010 evaluated the present pavement condition at the site. Appropriate rehabilitation and reconstruction alternatives to return the area into service were evaluated. We addressed project phasing, alternate parking layout options, and provided recommendations and costs for returning the pavement to service.

Return of the East Terminal Apron to a useable condition was necessary to support current General Aviation (GA) transient jet traffic, transient commercial test aircraft, and military aircraft using the Grant County International Airport. With aircraft ranging from Design Group II to Partial Group VI, the parking currently available at the airport can be quickly filled by a small number of aircraft. The focus in Phase 1 (Constructed in 2012) of this two-phase project was for Group II and Group III aircraft parking in the western portion of the apron.

Phase 2 (constructed in 2013) provided parking in the eastern portion of the apron for Design Groups IV, V, and VI.